Lighter. Smarter. Faster.

Bolt Pack:
the evolution of Birò Classic

With Bolt Pack, high-speed roads are no longer off-limits: the maximum speed reached is no longer 45 km/h but 60 km/h.
Therefore Bolt Pack is faster when overtaking and agile in traffic, a new and more advanced solution for urban mobility.
But Bolt Pack’s performance is not limited to speed.
The additional headlights and the reinforced frame make it safer, while the new suspensions make it even more comfortable.

More speed,
all the range you need

Bolt Pack is equipped with two 1.9 kW motors, for 30% higher speeds than Birò Classic.
With a maximum speed of 60 km/h, Bolt Pack is the perfect vehicle not only for the narrow and congested city streets, but also for driving on ring roads or high-speed roads.
The speed increases, but the battery life remains high: with one charge you can travel up to 90 kms.
With Bolt Pack no road is off-limits.

Increased motor power and new control unit mapping

Top speed 60 km/h

Improved stability thanks to the front anti-roll bar and rear torsion bar

Higher-performing front and rear suspensions

New lights with additional high beams and integrated sidelights

New chassis set-up


  • The BOLT set up transforms a Birò from category L6e to L7e (Europe).
  • 2 electric Brushless 48V motors
  • Max Power: 3.8 kW
  • Energy revovery while braking
  • Charger: 220V
  • 145/60 R13 Road Tyres;
  • Handbrake
  • High density ABS on the front and the rear
  • Maxi rear-view side mirrors


  • Max Speed 60 Km/h
  • Boost:(Pressing this button will give to you more power for a short time)
  • Gradeability: 20% maximum
  • Turning radius:
    • From the center to the outer wheel: 2800 mm radius
    • Minimum turning circle between walls: 6 m


  • Compartment behind the folding seats/trunk:
    • Big or Box: 300 Litres
    • Summer or Winter: 41 Litres
  • A lockable rear compartment (41 Litres).
  • Other small compartments:
    • One is located under the odometer display;
    • A second can be found to the right of the odometer display;
    • A third behind the steering column;
    • A fourth under the front hood.


  • Available only with Maxi Battery with a range of 90 Km.

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