Using Birò Share is easy, convenient and safe

Every new-generation Birò is designed to be shared.

It is equipped with an innovative technology that makes it easy to share with other users without having to exchange keys.




Download the app

Download Birò Share app from the App Store or Play Store and register.

Scan the QR code

You can find it on every shared Birò.

Let’s go!

Now you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of Birò.

Who has tried it, can't live without it

All the benefits of
a Birò Share Community

Birò Share is the personal sharing service with a social heart, because its benefits pass on from the individual to the whole community.

Small = Practical

Share all the benefits of Birò with your users by offering them a comfortable, practical and alternative way of moving


Check the status of your Birò anytime using the Birò Share app, thanks to the IoT technology installed on-board of the vehicle

Manage users

Manage app’s subscription direclty from a dedicated online platform

Manage fleet

Thanks to the on-board technology you can track your fleet status: locating vehicles wherever they are or checking the residual range, and much more.


No keys exchange: each user uses Birò through the Birò Share app installed on his smartphone.

Pay As-You-Go

Pay only for how far you’ve driven or use advantageous packages.

Consistently green

Zero emissions and lower consumption: Birò share is the ecosystem of truly sustainable mobility.

Dedicated to you

Have fun driving around the city and enjoy all the plus of the smallest 100% electric vehicle in the world!